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Why Make a Will?

The majority of adults in this country have no valid Will. As a result, seven out of every ten people who die can leave their loved ones with what may be unnecessarily complicated problems at a time when they are least able to deal with them.

  • If you die without leaving a Will the law decides how your property is divided and this may not be a true reflection of your wishes. In certain case this could mean that a spouse may have to sell their home to provide children with a share of its value
  • If you have children, provision can be made in the Will to determine who would become their Guardian if you and your spouse/partner die at the same time
  • You may give particular gifts or sums of money to specific people and you can say how your funeral may be dealt with
  • You may appoint who you want as executors so that they can immediately deal with your affairs
  • If you are not married to your partner you will not automatically inherit each others assets

When Should You Change Your Will?

When there has been a significant increase/decrease in your wealth.

  • If you marry, your Will, will become null and void unless it was made in contemplation of the marriage
  • If you are separated from your husband or wife and he or she is mentioned in your Will they will still be entitled to any legacy willed to them
  • If you are separated from your husband or wife and are in a new relationship, but not yet divorced your partner will not be entitled to your assets unless mentioned in your Will
  • Other events such as divorce, remarriage or death of beneficiaries or executors named in your Will or the birth of children or grandchild for whom provision is made in your current Will may make it necessary for you to consider making a new Will

Our Wills & Probate Team

Why Choose Us?

If not properly drawn up and witnessed a Will may be invalid or result in someone that you intended to benefit losing that benefit.

We can advise you about related issues such as tax implications

Making a Will with us is not as costly as you may think. DIY or unprofessionally drafted Wills can cost thousands of pounds in legal fees to sort out if not properly drafted.