If you have been arrested and charged with theft, burglary, handling stolen goods, shoplifting, stealing, cable theft, metal theft, prosecution could result in a prison sentence and can affect your long term employment prospects. It is therefore vital that you have the benefit of advice from a specialist lawyer who will be able to help you defend your case or help you ensure that on a guilty plea that you receive the minimum sentence.

In the case of theft, the prosecution will have to prove the following elements:-

  • that the person was acting dishonestly
  • that they physically took something from someone else, or they failed to return something that has come into their possession
  • that the thing that was taken was property
  • that the thing taken belonged to someone else who has clear ownership of it
  • that there was an intention to permanently deprive the other person of the property

Each of these elements of the crime need to be proved beyond reasonable doubt for there to be a conviction and there can be a number of defences that can be put forward depending on the circumstances of your case. Our lawyers have access to the case law which can support your defence and we can ensure that your defence is put forward with sound legal argument.

If you intend to plead guilty, as you may face a prison sentence it is important that you have a legal representative who can put forward points of mitigation to keep any sentence or fine to a minimum.

Our Crime Team

Why Choose Us?

Many firms of solicitors dealing with criminal cases instruct in-house solicitor advocates, often with limited experience. At Aletta Shaw we always instruct specialist barristers from highly reputable criminal chambers.

We are able to achieve outstanding results by taking time to understand the circumstances of your case, by making an in depth analysis of the evidence that the prosecution are relying on and by arranging quality expert witnesses to help with the presentation of forensic and medical evidence where appropriate.

We will always keep you up to date with developments in your case and help you understand the legal issues as they arise throughout.