Sexual Offences

As a result of government policy many cases relating to sexual offences that are brought before the court are prosecuted with little evidence, which can often take the form of unsupported oral evidence. This means that the likelihood of a wrongful conviction is more likely than for other crimes. Being faced with a charge can be very distressing and can impact on family life and damage an accused’s reputation.


Penetration by a man of the vagina, anus or mouth with his penis of another without the consent of that person.

Assault by Penetration

Penetration of the vagina or anus of another without the consent of that person.

Rape and assault by penetration are very serious offences and are therefore dealt with in a Crown Court before a jury. They carry a potential life sentence and therefore it is important that every avenue is explored to ensure that all the relevant evidence is collected and presented to the court.

Sexual assault

Intentionally touching another person in a sexual way without their consent.

The most usual defence in such cases is that the victim consented or that the accused had a “reasonable belief�? that they had consented.

Child Pornography

The distribution, possession of indecent photographs of children.

There may well be a legitimate reason for having the images, or it may be that the photographs have not actually been seen by the accused. It may also be that although the images had been received, they were sent unknowingly and were destroyed straight away.


It is illegal for an adult to meet or communicate with a person under 16 with the intention of meeting with them to engage in sexual activity.

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