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Estate Administration

Losing a family member or close friend is a traumatic experience. We provide specialist and sensitive advice and assistance with the complexities of administering the estate.

At our free initial probate consultation we will provide guidance on the first steps you need to take and explain the procedure of administering an estate, this will include advice on who is entitled to deal with the estate if the person has died without making a will, the Inheritance Tax thresholds and Inheritance tax reliefs that are available and how to deal with any foreign property in the estate.

We can provide a complete service and deal with the administration of the estate in its entirety or assist with the legal aspect of obtaining a grant and any tax issues.

Why choose us?

There are many organisations other than solicitors who offer probate services, but where complicated or unforeseen legal issues arise it is always better to use a solicitor who has the specialist legal knowledge to give you the right advice. Unlike other organisations solicitors are governed by a strict regulatory body, the Law Society, which ensures that we deal with your matter professionally and that the money we receive is properly safeguarded.

The process can be complicated particularly if there are a large number of assets and many organisations to deal with, such as banks, pension companies, HM Revenue and Customs, beneficiaries who are charities or who cannot be found for one reason or another etc. Executors must be certain that they do not make any mistakes which may leave them open to a claim. There are strict timetables which have to be adhered to and the process may be delayed if there are arguments between family members, beneficiaries or personal representatives. In such cases a neutral third party with a full understanding of the legal position may be able to help you resolve any disputes in a timely manner.

Our fact sheet provides further information about administering an estate.