Fraud Solicitors

There are numerous types of fraud, to include business fraud, false accounting, share fraud, VAT fraud, Ponzi schemes, mortgage fraud, credit card fraud, counterfeit goods fraud, money laundering etc.

Prosecution may be through the criminal courts or the civil courts or both. Investigation or prosecution may be instigated by Government agencies such as Financial Services Authority, Serious Fraud Office, Crown Prosecution Service, HM Revenue and Customs.

We understand that where an allegation of fraud has been made against an individual or company it will be a very stressful time and the support of an experienced and proactive lawyer is essential. Our lawyers will ensure that, where possible early action is taken to resolve matters before criminal or civil proceedings are pursued.

We have the resources and professional contacts to deal with the simplest to the most complex cases. We have access to a variety of experts, such as forensic accountants, telephone and computer data analysts etc, so that we can explore every avenue on your behalf.

Although no criminal offence is justified, in cases where the offence was carried out by someone in a state of desperation due to financial or emotional difficulties and a guilty plea is made, we may be able to assist you in persuading a Judge to use their discretion when sentencing, for example where there is evidence of physical or mental illness, where money taken has been repaid etc.

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Our Crime Team

Why Choose Us?

Many firms of solicitors dealing with criminal cases instruct in-house solicitor advocates, often with limited experience. At Aletta Shaw we always instruct specialist barristers from highly reputable criminal chambers.

We are able to achieve outstanding results by taking time to understand the circumstances of your case, by making an in depth analysis of the evidence that the prosecution are relying on and by arranging quality expert witnesses to help with the presentation of forensic and medical evidence where appropriate.

We will always keep you up to date with developments in your case and help you understand the legal issues as they arise throughout.