Football offence Solicitors

The Football and Spectators Act 1989 and Football (Disorder) Act 2000 give the police the power to arrest people who they deem to be potential trouble makers, they can also prevent them from travelling abroad and may apply for an order banning them from going to regulated football matches either in this country or abroad, even where no criminal conviction for an offence has been obtained.

We understand the passion that people have for the sport and the devastating impact a ban may have on them. We are also aware that the police officers and stewards who officiate at matches can take action or make decisions which are unfair. We can help you defend any charges wrongly brought against you and where faced with a ban we can ensure that this is not imposed unreasonably or make sure that it is kept to a minimum.

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Our Crime Team

Why Choose Us?

Many firms of solicitors dealing with criminal cases instruct in-house solicitor advocates, often with limited experience. At Aletta Shaw we always instruct specialist barristers from highly reputable criminal chambers.

We are able to achieve outstanding results by taking time to understand the circumstances of your case, by making an in depth analysis of the evidence that the prosecution are relying on and by arranging quality expert witnesses to help with the presentation of forensic and medical evidence where appropriate.

We will always keep you up to date with developments in your case and help you understand the legal issues as they arise throughout.