Landlord Solicitors

Bexleyheath & Blackheath

We are able to help Landlords deal with all legal issues arising in relation to their property, from drafting simple tenancy agreements or the granting of a new lease to more complex property disputes giving rise to litigation.

Many Landlords prepare their own tenancy agreements and notices or employ the services of an estate agent to prepare them on their behalf. Improperly drafted legal documents can result in unnecessary financial loss or can place you in a weak position if a dispute arises between you and the tenant during the tenancy. You will find our fixed fees for preparing documents to be reasonable and transparent and it will give you peace of mind to know that they have been prepared and checked by a qualified lawyer.

The law is heavily weighted against Landlords and therefore it is important to ensure that you receive the correct legal advice as soon as a dispute arises, so that you follow the correct procedures and comply properly with your legal responsibilities.

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