If you have been found guilty you may be able to appeal against your conviction or sentence on the following grounds:-


  • Fresh evidence has come to light such as new scientific evidence or there is a new witness
  • If you believe that the trial Judge made rulings during the trial which were legally incorrect
  • If the trial Judge made a mistake in the summing up
  • If you believe that the Judge put pressure on the jury to reach a verdict
  • If you believe that the police or prosecution did not tell lawyers about important evidence that they had and had the jury seen this evidence they would probably have found you not guilty
  • If information came to your attention after the trial which makes you want to object to a particular member of the jury


  • If it was “wrong in principle or manifestly excessive�? – if it was unjustifiably high considering the facts of the case or if the wrong facts were applied in calculating the sentence
  • If there was a legitimate expectation that a non-custodial sentence would be imposed, but a custodial sentence was ordered. For example if a judge indicated that he/she would not order a custodial sentence if a positive pre-sentence report was made, but when a positive pre-sentence report was made, a custodial sentence was ordered.

We can advise you whether you have grounds to appeal and can assist you in putting your case if so advised to do. We will arrange for representation by the most experienced Counsel to ensure that your appeal is successful.

If you have been convicted of a crime and you feel you may have grounds to appeal, either conviction or sentence then please contact us on 020 8301 4884 or use the form to the right of the screen.